Kuwaiti officials announced on Thursday that three individuals have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter following a devastating building fire that claimed the lives of 50 foreign workers, predominantly Indian nationals, and deeply saddened their families and friends. Among the deceased were also three Filipinos, as confirmed by Manila authorities. The blaze, which originated south of Kuwait City, engulfed a six-story building, causing black smoke to fill the air and injuring numerous others. Kuwait, a nation rich in oil, hosts a population of over four million, with the majority being foreign nationals, many from South and Southeast Asia, employed in construction and service sectors. The fire erupted early Wednesday in the Mangaf area, a hub for migrant workers, where nearly 200 workers were housed. Kuwait's Foreign Minister, Abdullah Al-Yahya, reported that one of the injured succumbed overnight, raising the death toll to 50. He noted that most victims were Indian, with other nationalities involved as well. The fire department source indicated that many victims died from smoke inhalation after being trapped inside the burning building. The public prosecution service stated that a Kuwaiti and two foreign residents were detained on charges of manslaughter due to negligence in security and fire regulations. The General Fire Force attributed the fire to an electrical malfunction in the guard's room on the ground floor. Interior Minister Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef pledged to tackle issues of overcrowding and neglect in labor accommodations, threatening to shut down buildings that violate safety standards. The tragedy left friends and relatives of the victims, who are part of the millions of Asians working in the Gulf region to support their families back home, in profound shock. A relative of one of the victims, Shameer Umarudheen, described the mourning in their village in Kerala, India, highlighting the deceased's friendly nature and the financial hopes his family had pinned on his employment in Kuwait. Another account detailed the death of Lukose VO, a victim who resided on the sixth floor, as reported by a survivor who suffered injuries while escaping. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered condolences and financial assistance to the affected families. India's junior foreign minister, Kirti Vardhan Singh, arrived to assist survivors and coordinate the return of the deceased. In Manila, the Department of Migrant Workers confirmed the deaths of three Filipinos, with two others in critical condition. The fire in Kuwait, which holds significant oil reserves and borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia, marks one of the country's most tragic incidents, reminiscent of a 2009 fire that killed 57 at a wedding due to arson.