The Le Gourmet Dubai continues the concept of Le Gourmet already established in Galeries Lafayette in Paris. According to Walid Farah, Head of F&B, Le Gourmet, Galeries Lafayette, the aim is to bring the same gastronomic excellence and diversity to Dubai, a vibrant city.

When it comes to ingredient sourcing, Le Gourmet prioritizes fresh, top-quality ingredients from the best food suppliers in the UAE market. The focus is on supporting local farmers and brands and using sustainable packaging materials such as craft and carton produced locally.

Le Gourmet's revenue streams extend to providing weekly food programmes, tailor-made private catering, corporate events, and the sale of a wide range of grocery products on their online platform.

To stay ahead of industry trends, Le Gourmet collaborates with Michelin-starred chefs, conducts research, and prioritizes sustainability in sourcing and packaging to contribute positively to the environment, all while ensuring competitive prices and respecting the average budget of customers.