Life Insurance Corporation (International), a joint venture between LIC of India with its headquarters in Bahrain and branches across the UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), has introduced two innovative investment products, 'Invest Plus' and 'Flexi Wealth Builder', during a launch event at the Hotel Grand Hyatt in Dubai. The event was overseen by Sidhartha Mohanty, the chairperson of LIC of India, along with M Jagannath, the managing director, and other key officials. 'Invest Plus', a single premium offering, and 'Flexi Wealth Builder', a regular premium option, are both global market-linked whole life plans designed to allow investors to capitalize on the performance of various globally diversified funds in USD, managed by multiple AMCs in Dubai. These products are tailored to meet diverse investment and savings needs, offering customizable options to align with individual investor goals at minimal costs. Investors can select their preferred premium amounts and funds based on their risk tolerance and financial objectives. Pradeep Mishra, the general manager of LIC International, emphasized that the company has evolved its product line significantly over the past few years, particularly in response to the growing demand from millennial investors for diversified equity market investments managed by professional fund managers. Suitable for individuals aged 5 to 70, the minimum investment for a single premium is $10,000, while regular premiums start at $300 per month. LIC International aims to attract young investors by providing flexible, convenient, and wealth-maximizing opportunities through globally diversified funds, complemented by a personalized approach to growth-oriented investments. Further innovative products are slated for release in early 2024 to assist clients in planning their comprehensive financial needs. These plans are available for purchase through the exclusive chief agent in the UAE, Kingstar Insurance Agencies. For further information, visit or contact the branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.