What is the life of a content creator like, especially when they have millions of followers? The world becomes their canvas, and they start finding stories even in the ordinary.

Picture this: A year ago, renowned Kuwaiti content creator Eisa Alhabib posted a video explaining why hotels place glasses in the bathroom. The video, both humorous and informative, educates viewers about the significance of upside-down glasses and has already reached 5.6 million views on Instagram alone.

Today, content creation is a new frontier of creativity, and Eisa, 29, has embraced it as one of the leading content creators in the UAE.

Despite the accolades, Eisa admits he still has a long way to go as a presenter. He emphasizes the importance of clear communication and the integration of charisma, especially in a dynamic space like content creation.

Eisa classifies his content as 'edutainment,' combining educational elements with entertainment to engage his audience. He believes that presenting bite-sized content with a fun touch is essential to capturing viewers' interest.

Short-form videos have become the norm, as people tend to consume them more than static images. Eisa highlights the significance of storytelling and emphasizes that a compelling narrative can engage viewers, regardless of the production quality.

Despite the continuous demand for content, Eisa acknowledges the importance of mental well-being and advises content creators to enjoy what they do above all.