Lionsgate has officially announced that Ariel Vromen's crime thriller '1992,' produced by Snoop Dogg's Death Row Pictures and featuring Tyrese Gibson, is set to debut in theaters on August 30. This release commemorates a return to the chaotic early 1990s in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Reporter also revealed that the film includes Scott Eastwood and marks one of Ray Liotta's last on-screen appearances. Set during the 1992 Los Angeles riots following the Rodney King verdict, the movie tracks Gibson's character, Mercer, as he seeks personal redemption and family reconciliation amidst the city's turmoil. Mercer becomes involved with a father-son duo, portrayed by Liotta and Eastwood, who are planning a bold heist of catalytic converters. Vromen, acclaimed for 'The Iceman,' directed the film from a script co-written with Sascha Penn. The production team includes Vromen, Penn, Andreas Rommel, Maurice Fadida, and Adam Kolbrenner. Snoop Dogg, acting as an executive producer through Death Row Pictures, shared his deep personal connection to the project, noting, "1992 was a pivotal time in my life... This film captures a significant moment in L.A.'s history. Ariel has crafted an exceptional film that reflects this era." Reflecting on his previous collaboration with Gibson in 'Baby Boy,' Snoop Dogg highlighted the film's importance in portraying the essence of 1990s Los Angeles culture. Gibson, acknowledging Snoop Dogg's involvement and Liotta's final performance, stated, "Ray Liotta was a blessing to us all during the filming... We are incredibly lucky to have witnessed such a powerful and haunting performance." Known for his roles in the 'Fast & Furious' series, Gibson delivers a nuanced and intense performance as Mercer, offering a gripping depiction of a man navigating personal and societal chaos.