Liv, the pioneering digital bank in the UAE launched by Emirates NBD, a prominent banking group in the MENAT (Middle East, North Africa, and Türkiye) region, has unveiled Game On Deposit, a gamified fixed deposit offering customers interest rates as high as 10%. By opening a 'Game On Deposit', customers can select a team they predict will triumph in the 2024 European Football Tournament. If their chosen team wins, they earn a 10% interest on their fixed deposit; if the team reaches the semi-finals, the rate drops to 5%. Otherwise, a standard 2.3% market interest applies. The minimum deposit for this four-month tenure is Dh5,000, with the option to open multiple deposits for different teams. Pedro Sousa Cardoso, Chief Digital Officer at Emirates NBD, highlighted Liv's commitment to innovation, stating, 'Liv continues to disrupt traditional banking by offering unique financial products that resonate with customer interests, using gamification to make saving both fun and rewarding.' Liv has consistently introduced innovative products, such as the 'Money Ahead Deposit' and the 'Automated Savings Goals Account', which have helped it attract over half a million customers, approximately 10% of the UAE's bankable population. Recognized for its excellence, Liv has been awarded 'Best Digital Bank in the Middle East and the UAE – 2024' by the Asian Banker and other prestigious titles.