Lucid Group is set to recall approximately 5,251 of its 2022-2023 Air luxury sedans owing to a software glitch that might lead to a power loss, as per a notice issued by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Tuesday.

The regulatory body further stated that the electric vehicle manufacturer will also initiate a recall for around 7,506 of its 2022-2024 Air luxury sedans, due to a problem with the coolant heater that could prevent the windshield from defrosting.

Lucid had previously rolled out an over-the-air software update in June to address the software issue and another update to detect failures in the high voltage coolant heater, alerting drivers of the affected vehicles.

On Monday, the company announced second-quarter deliveries that surpassed market forecasts, aided by price reductions which bolstered demand for its luxury electric sedans.