Residents of a newly announced luxury residence in the UAE will enjoy exclusive private air-conditioned parking boxes equipped with their own EV charging stations. The ICONIC Tower, set to be the tallest structure in Dubai Internet City upon completion, integrates design and technology to allow its parking spaces to transform into a lounge. Diana Nilipovscaia, CEO at MERED, the developer of Iconic Tower, explained to Khaleej Times, "Our climate-controlled parking solutions feature VIP parking boxes with air conditioning, personalized access, and EV charging stations. Tenants can access their parking boxes using a remote or access card." The parking spaces are directly linked to the lift lobby, ensuring a seamless, temperature-controlled transition from car to home. Nilipovscaia added, "This reduces dust accumulation, protects the car from humidity, and maintains a comfortable internal temperature, particularly during summer." These spaces also offer a garage living experience with entertainment options such as televisions, music, and game consoles, ensuring comfort for both vehicle and resident. The parking structure is designed by Italian brand Pininfarina, famous for designing iconic cars like Ferrari and Maserati. The design incorporates sporty aesthetics with premium metallic and wooden finishes. Considering that parking is often the first point of contact for tenants, the design team at the ICONIC Tower aimed to reflect the overall residential experience. Nilipovscaia highlighted, "Parking is the first arrival encounter for our tenants, so we focused on every aspect influencing this experience." She noted Pininfarina's automotive design inspiration, stating, "The sporty minimalistic looks and elegant metallic champagne finishes mirror the opulent interior of the apartments, ensuring a cohesive palette and meticulously detailed aesthetic." The ceiling lighting in the parking spaces resembles that of a high-end car showroom, enhancing the premium experience for tenants. The team has designed the parking spaces and driveways to cater to car enthusiasts, especially in Dubai, a city with high demand for supercars. The parking solutions also include sustainable features, supporting the UAE's eco-friendly initiatives by facilitating EV charging infrastructure. Nilipovscaia believes the parking solutions at ICONIC Tower will set a high standard for luxury living in Dubai, aiming to elevate the overall experience by treating all spaces as front-of-house, ensuring every aspect contributes to an exceptional and enriching experience.