The Authority of Social Contribution (Ma’an) has initiated a series of fundraising projects aimed at raising Dh1 million to assist cancer patients, individuals with disabilities, and delivery riders, among others. The organization is optimistic that these efforts will significantly improve the lives of those most in need.

"We operate under the Department of Community Development (DCD), making it crucial for us to address social priorities identified through the Quality-of-Life Survey. This approach ensures we target the right groups, thereby achieving a genuine, sustainable, and positive impact on individuals, families, and communities," explained Faisal Al Hmoudi, executive director of the Social Investment Fund (SIF) at Ma’an, in an interview with Khaleej Times.

SIF spearheads fundraising initiatives that support programs focused on environmental, health, infrastructure, and educational sectors, among others. It also collaborates with third sector, government, and private entities to raise and allocate funds to project leaders. Al Hmoudi emphasized that Ma’an encourages community members to volunteer and contribute to Abu Dhabi’s vision of a cohesive society.

"Contributors can choose projects that align with their beliefs and values across sectors such as health, education, environment, social, and infrastructure, enabling them to actively participate in giving back to local communities," Al Hmoudi added.

Among its various projects, Ma’an has partnered with the Emirates Cancer Society to raise Dh1 million for advanced healthcare and preventive treatments for cancer patients. The ‘I Deserve a Life’ initiative focuses on cancer prevention and ensuring healthcare accessibility for patients across the emirate.

"Our commitment to social development is fundamental to our mission of building a collaborative community that cares for its members. We encourage community members to join this journey through financial contributions or volunteering," Al Hmoudi stated.

Other recent initiatives include ‘Community Parks’, ‘Empowering Stutterers Programme’, ‘Effortless Rides for PoDs’, ‘New Smiles Change Lives’, ‘Voice Rise for Deaf Community’, ‘Beat the Heat for Road Courier’, and ‘Support PoD Students Campaign’. Community members can visit the official website to learn more about these projects and how to contribute.

Corporations that allocate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets to the SIF receive the Abu Dhabi Social Responsibility Label, a government recognition for their role in supporting social priorities in Abu Dhabi. "As the only government-certified CSR label in the UAE’s capital, it helps corporations achieve their CSR goals while acknowledging contributions exceeding Dh1 million," Al Hmoudi explained.

Last year, Ma’an launched 57 projects, attracting over Dh91 million in contributions, benefiting 161,059 individuals. Of these, Dh41.1 million was directed towards social sector projects promoting well-being, Dh28.05 million supported healthcare projects, Dh9.3 million was allocated to education projects, and Dh12.7 million went to environmental and infrastructure projects focused on sustainable development and improving quality of life.