Summertime is perfect for indulging in mangoes. Be it a milkshake, ice cream, or fruit salad, mango enthusiasts eagerly anticipate this season to enjoy their beloved fruit. Bearing this mango craze in mind, President Hotel in Al Karama is set to host a Mango Festival. At the hotel's High Spirit Bistro Cafe, guests can enjoy dishes such as cold mango gazpacho, tropical fusion salad, tangy Thai mango salad, zesty mango mustard salad, mango panna cotta, mango mousse, and mango cheesecake. Meanwhile, Kovalam restaurant will serve tangy mango scallion soup, zesty mango mustard salad, golden mango delight, tropical mango rice, mango manchati curries, and mango delight kheer. For those who love South Indian cuisine, Kovalam is the place to go, while High Spirit Bistro Cafe provides a more casual atmosphere. Prices begin at Dh24, and the festival will run until mid-July.