Dubai’s diverse population is a magnet for people from around the world, leading to interesting encounters and connections. Marco Mariotti, 47, holds citizenship in Switzerland and Italy, while his 46-year-old wife, Yolanda Pohl Mariotti, was born in South Africa and has residencies in Italy, France, and the UAE. Initially a professional relationship, their collaboration at a construction site in Dubai blossomed into a personal one. Today, they are proud parents to three children and run their own business in the UAE.

The couple's first meeting took place at a bustling construction site in Dubai, where Yolanda was overseeing a project and needed to work with the head of construction's quality control, Marco, who spoke French, Yolanda's second-native language. Their professional partnership evolved into a deep personal connection, leading to their marriage in November 2012.

In 2013, inspired by their desire to integrate their personal and professional lives, Marco and Yolanda established Swissly (Green Optimum Technical Services LLC) in the UAE. The company brings meticulous standards and quality of yacht construction to residential and commercial remodels, renovations, and maintenance.

Marco, who comes from a family of skilled craftsmen in Switzerland and Italy, was deeply influenced by his artisan father. He holds his wife, Yolanda, in high regard, considering her his greatest mentor. Yolanda, on the other hand, is a testament to perseverance and versatility, transitioning from a public prosecutor in South Africa to achieving success in the yachting industry in France and the UAE.

Fluent in multiple languages, Yolanda's linguistic prowess has been instrumental in her international ventures. Both Marco and Yolanda attribute their exceptional business acumen to their belief in life-long learning. They credit the dynamic business environment, strategic location, and diverse opportunities offered by Dubai as key factors in their success.

The couple firmly believes that the UAE's emphasis on innovation and excellence aligns with their values, enabling them to grow and establish Swissly. They see the UAE as a place brimming with opportunities and a platform for turning dreams into reality. The nation's progressive policies and supportive business ecosystem, including access to networking platforms and business councils, have been crucial in their journey.