Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg is set to portray a menacing hit-man in Mel Gibson's forthcoming suspense film, Flight Risk, whose trailer has been released. The movie is set in the Alaskan skies, where Wahlberg plays Daryl, a former bush pilot caught up in a perilous operation to move a key witness, portrayed by Topher Grace, to New York.

Grace's character, Winston, is scheduled to give evidence against the feared 'Moretti' mafia clan. The situation intensifies when Daryl shows his true nature during the flight, turning into a cold-blooded killer with murderous aims. In a spine-chilling scene from the trailer, Daryl ominously states, "Mr. Moretti's very disappointed in you, Winston. And he wants you dead."

Michelle Dockery joins the ensemble as air marshal Madolyn, who battles for her life after uncovering Daryl's sinister scheme, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Amidst high-altitude aerial maneuvers and nerve-wracking showdowns at 10,000 feet, Madolyn must not only combat for her survival but also guide the plane to safety.

Flight Risk signifies Gibson's comeback as a director following the acclaimed Hacksaw Ridge in 2016. The screenplay is by Jared Rosenberg. Lionsgate has announced that Flight Risk is scheduled for release on October 18.