In a recent display of creative prowess, MBA students Rahil Rouf and Hadi Abdul Gafoor from Manipal University were applauded by for their exceptional video project. This humorous advertisement, starring Alfred, the beloved mascot of the insurance platform, skillfully conveys the values of safety and alertness that the brand upholds. The video quickly became popular, attracting thousands of views and widespread acclaim. Its influence was heightened by a spotlight on @lovindubai's Instagram, which celebrated the ingenuity and appeal of the ad, reinforcing Alfred's position as a beloved symbol of security in the UAE. Rahil Rouf, who has a strong passion for advertising and marketing, and Hadi Abdul Gafoor, an expert in visual narratives, produced a one-minute ad featuring Alfred's ubiquitous presence. Using slogans like 'It is Omnipresent,' 'He sees you,' and 'Always watching, not to haunt, but to protect!', they portrayed Alfred as a watchful protector, emphasizing's dedication to preparedness and dependability. The video deeply resonated with the UAE community, leading to recognition for Rahil and Hadi from the management of In gratitude for their work, the students were awarded a keepsake, signifying a notable achievement in their academic career. Avinash Babur, CEO of, commended the students' creativity, noting, 'Rahil and Hadi's imaginative depiction of Alfred shows how the upcoming generation views and connects with our mascot in a playful yet perceptive way. Their innovation has demonstrated how profoundly Alfred connects with young minds, keeping him foremost in the minds of UAE residents. This project has been an educational experience for us, showing the changing ways in which Alfred continues to symbolize safety and trust.' As Rahil and Hadi conclude their MBA program, they are initiating their project, the Shoebox Project (Instagram: @shoeboxproject), which aims to deliver distinctive brand narratives through their unique creative perspective. Initiatives like this strengthen Alfred's role as a beacon of trust and reassurance for UAE residents, encapsulating the protective and supportive spirit of