Medad Holding subsidiary Medad Technology, a UAE-based HealthTech company, has obtained 331 patents in recent years due to increased investment in research and development. In 2022, the company announced a $150 million investment in R&D, product development, and manufacturing, aiming to drive advancements in Consumer HealthTech, Pharmaceutical HealthTech, and Power Management. This resulted in a remarkable portfolio of 331 patents and four proprietary chips.

In 2022, Medad Technology accounted for 39% of the UAE's patents filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), ranking third after Khalifa University and Abu Dhabi Oil Company. Through the development of advanced proprietary electronics and algorithms, Medad has optimized aerosol delivery, enhanced functionality, and operational precision in power management. The innovative chipset has the potential to revolutionize power management across various semiconductor industry applications.

Mohammed Alshaiba Almazrouei, President of Medad Technology, emphasized the company's dedication to advancing public health innovation and novel therapeutic solutions. He highlighted the commitment to improving patient outcomes through patent acquisition and the development of proprietary technologies. Innovation plays a central role in the UAE's economic growth, and Medad is devoted to contributing to this vision by establishing a robust presence in R&D, design, engineering, product development, and manufacturing.

In a recent clinical study, Medad Technology's cutting-edge ultrasonic delivery system, incorporating proprietary chips and algorithms, demonstrated exceptional efficiency in drug delivery by controlling aerosol particle size. This technology facilitates direct bloodstream absorption by delivering tiny aerosol particles to the deepest lung regions through inhalation, bypassing metabolism.

The success of Medad's technology signifies a significant advancement in enhancing drug delivery efficiency, potentially transforming the pharmaceutical industry by reducing costs, minimizing drug wastage, and mitigating side effects associated with traditional oral medications.

Medad Technology's primary focus is assessing its technology as a nicotine replacement therapy to aid smoking cessation. By offering an innovative approach, the company aims to address the global health concern related to tobacco smoking, which leads to over 8 million preventable deaths annually, according to the WHO.

Furthermore, Medad Technology is actively developing novel inhalation-based treatments for conditions like pulmonary hypertension, intending to provide an improved and patient-friendly alternative to existing pill-based medications, particularly as the prevalence of this condition grows with an aging population.