Art from cave drawings to multidimensional installa-tions, from angular sculptures to the most complex constructions was always a special power for humankind. We don't know yet how art images are born. And this makes it even more precious for us — a beauty from the unknown source. The number of those who desire to keep this wealth in its full volume is growing today. Our new columnist, expert lawyer, and public activist Julia Rubleva is among them.

History records wars, the rise and fall of civilizations and how States became powerful but there's a power which clears the thoughts from century to century, inspires and leaves beautiful signatures on the eternity monolith. This is the power of art. While the world being cruel and imperfect art broke through the most horrible prejudices and went on living after disastrous sufferings, wars and distractions. Art offers a chance to make the world and ourselves cleaner, brighter and possess a heightened integrity.
I have a pleasure to communicate with artists for years, they are higher than vanity and immediacy and the fate of art was something I was always thinking of. Recently I think this way: various art products reflect the zeitgeist go through it and proceed. But what our times could make for them? What could we make for authors, who sometimes are appreciated only after death or not even then.
We live in the information society where the information flows and the instruments of their transmission multiply faster than a person can perceive it. Once radio, then TV, then Internet information threads are not just near to us, they go through us with hundreds of nerve endings of ether. And we should not only learn how to live in it, but also to keep the spiritual experience and the ability to grow spiritually.

We learn the block-chain technologies now there's digital painting, video-art and so on. They open new horizons for humankind, make the world transparent and connections inside of it independent. And it is clear to me that this kind of technology and art should follow the way forward each other.

Art is connected with technologies but technology here is a possibility to enrich the instrumentation for an artist. Yes, there are Internet-auctions, catalogs, portals, but the world of art did't become global or available for everyone. A huge amount of talented people can't find their audience and share their spiritual power with the society.

We can change the situation with modern technologies so I decided to make a fund which aim is to create a unique block-chain platform available to any author in the world and any connoisseur of beauty as well. My adherents can become my partners if they believe in power of art, technology and creation. Uniting of these powers might become a new source of the spiritual light stimulating not just development of the creative potencies but of inventing a global cultural content and the continent of harmony, mutual respect and understanding.

Some startups already try to use decentralized technologies to help artists with certification and control of their creations' position in the market. But the global attitude doesn't exist yet and it is necessary for the art-market too. Block-chain will make it possible to establish the order in history of art objects movement, guarantee protection of its authorship and authenticity. We will have so to say a valid art "pedigree" and people in this system will be able to trust each other having the transparent history.
The percentage of selling paintings online is over 10% today and I'm sure that we can make it grow several times higher and make art popular, available and ubiquitous as well. If most of the authors of the world will be able to present their works on the block chain platform for minimal price there will be unprecedented interest as a result. Almost everyone wants to touch the beauty and technology will help to make it real.

Freedom acquired unbelievable value, one of the postulates of the modern art is the author's ambition to be free. But interpretation, esteem, market perspectives are decided by third party people. Technology of today has power to make consumers and creators of the cultural products be independent. With the help of block-chains we can enter the world market in a moment and the art object can be available for hundreds of thousands' audience and author's implication will be sent directly from him. When author and consumer communicate directly there's no chance of abuse by third party people's and no one will affect the impression made by the art object. Guaranteed authenticity, stories of creation's intent, vast choice and no mediators this is real now.
I can be called a socially successful person. I am a professional lawyer and public activist. Political life, elections to the State Duma, solving thousands of questions by all means took much effort. New heights conquests will make me stronger personally no doubt. After taking a decision to choose new direction high technologies and art I feel unprecedentedly strong, calm and self-sure.
I haven't used the word "weakness" in this text, not a single time. In my understanding weakness is a fear of changes, denying of progress. It is a weakness we can't afford to leave authors without direct dialogue with the world. We should act in the name of beauty, the all winning power which unites mortal with eternal and moves this world.

Weakness is a fear of changes, denying of progress
— Julia Rubleva