On Monday evening, during peak hours, metro services towards Centrepoint station were disrupted, according to eyewitnesses who shared the situation with Khaleej Times. Commuters were instructed to disembark from trains heading towards the Centrepoint area, and those at Red Line metro stations such as Onpassive were prevented from boarding. Announcements at the DMCC metro station updated passengers, stating, "Train services on the red line are experiencing delays. Please stay tuned for further announcements." Eyewitnesses noted that no train schedules were visible on screens near the information desk. E.G., a resident of Dubai returning from work, was informed by metro staff that the disruption was due to a 'technical problem.' "Commuters are uncertain about how long they will need to wait," they said. For travelers needing to transfer to the Green Line, the Centrepoint route is crucial, as it includes key interchange stations like Union and Burjuman, which connect to destinations such as Etisalat and Creek. This route encompasses stations such as Business Bay, Dubai Mall, Financial Centre, Emirates Towers, World Trade Centre, max, ADCB, Burjuman, Union, Rigga, and others.