A rare man doesn't think how to make his path more deliberate, to multiply possibilities and take control over his future today. People started to turn to spiritual practices, especially to meditation. But to use this instrument successfully one needs a guide. About the inner peace and its meaning for deliberation of man tells the founder of One World Academy which is now evolved into O&O Academy, spiritual teacher of the famous life-coach Tony Robbins, — Preethaji.

One of the best students of One World Academy was promoted to the CEO position in a Patagonian company which was going through financial crisis at the time. He was supposed to manage this situation and lead the company to a better state.
After one meeting he took a decision to fire some people. But the decision he took didn't bring him any peace. He felt these jobless people's pain after facing the necessity to provide their families' needs. Then he remembered that he was taught in One World Academy to examine his inner state at the moment he took his decision. He didn't feel self confident and wanted to save his face front of the board of directors, he felt fear to be ashamed in case he fails. He realized it and started a meditation. He got rid of his stress and felt peace and love, then he could feel united with his co-workers.

Next day he gathered them together, talked to each of them personally and asked them to do whatever is possible to save the company. They also felt themselves united, involved into the process and responsible for the result. And suddenly wonderful things started to happen. Market changed, it grew and thanks to those talented workers who hadn't been fired, the company responded to the market's demand, did all necessary work and got out of the crisis. Since that time the company's income grew by 20% percent in a year.

One World Academy's philosophy teaches to pay attention to your inner state and state of your mind. Do we feel connected, can we contain what is happen-ing? This particularly affects our choices and decisions, it forms our future and our fate.
People's mind can be either in a stressful state or in a beautiful state. Life is beautiful in second case. Let's have a look at stress: anger, fury, frustration, exasperation, panic, fear, excitation, anxiety, loneliness, sadness and suffering. Life cannot be beautiful in stress' emotional spectrum because it implies limitations: we are isolated from the world, people around us, life. There's no evolution in it, nothing new can be born.

No stress means peacefulness, serenity, joy, love, unity, extension and distention of mind. Without stress one can fully exist in the moment: he feels other people, responds to the happening, Universe becomes his friend and reacts to his demands — solutions to depressing and complicated problems are found more easily. It influences his success, his ability to give and communication with other people.
These two states — stress and no stress — are described in one parable. Two monks are returning to their monastery. They had to swim across the river with strong flow and were about to do it when they heard a woman crying. The first monk asked her what was wrong and she explained her fear of crossing the river but her little boy was crying waiting for her at home. So, he helped her to do it. When they were about to enter the monastery the other monk couldn't keep it inside and asked him: 'How could you break the Teacher's prohibition? You talked to a woman and carried her on your back!' And the first monk said: 'Yes, I carried her on my back across the river and left on the shore one and half hour ago. And you still carry her inside of yourself '. Anxiety didn't leave the second monk through all of the way and after. First was deeply involved in the moment of his action and left it easily when his mission was over. He continued his way peacefully after he helped another person.

Not stressful state gives a pos-sibility to feel your full existence in a moment, to feel connected to whatever is happening around. Then the past is not holding and the future doesn't frighten you, then decisions are strong, reasonable and true and it affects your future. We should never forget that everyone can create a better future for himself, other people, other generations.
A serene mind creates mindfulness, helps to access the power of one's mind, awakens the spirit of growth and success. By getting rid of stress one becomes better, his life is full of energy, he creates reality. If you want to be a great leader you have to live your life in a beautiful state — that's what you need for your great achievements, for your close people, for your co-workers, for the community you belong to, for the whole world. So, The One World Academy is not just a school of meditation. Early Indians told about the mystique triangle: one side is breath, another is mind and the third is consciousness. If you change one side it affects two others, this is how your breath affects your mind and consciousness. Our breathing practices we suggest in One World Academy help to calm down your mind and consciousness same as rein helps to hold a horse trying to stand on end. We intend to make evolution of thinking because it is responsible of everything happening in the world. Yes, we are sure: our new thinking is what the world begins with.