Minimalist, a renowned local brand celebrated for its high-end assortment of watches, jewelry, sunglasses, leather accessories, and fragrances crafted in Dubai, has inaugurated a fresh retail outlet in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi. The brand's inaugural store debuted in Mirdif City Centre, Dubai, in 2023. The Yas Mall location distinguishes itself through its distinctive and opulent design, featuring a VIP Room for bespoke shopping encounters and a gahwa service area that embodies local warmth. Founder Ahmad Yousuf comments that the store reflects the team's dedication, capturing the brand's spirit and marking a fresh phase in its evolution. The choice to expand to Yas Mall was driven by robust customer interest, as Abu Dhabi hosts a substantial segment of Minimalist’s clientele. The new venue offers more space to exhibit exclusive, limited-edition items and the latest diamond watch series. Customers can anticipate an elevated shopping journey with outstanding service and the opportunity to discover Minimalist’s pioneering creations. A special exhibit also showcases the meticulous process of converting authentic camel leather into refined products, all crafted by hand in the UAE. Minimalist was established with the aim to produce straightforward yet culturally inspired Emirati products, incorporating detailed elements such as Arabic numeral watch faces and camel leather goods meticulously handmade.