A commercial vessel transiting southwest of Yemen's port city of Hodeidah was targeted by a missile attack, as reported by maritime security firms on Thursday. Fortunately, there were no casualties or damages resulting from the attack. The precise details of the targeted vessel, including its flag, were not disclosed by the firm Ambrey. According to Ambrey, the vessel was 'suspiciously approached' 68 nautical miles (125 kilometers) off Hodeidah and came under a 'missile attack'.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations, under the Royal Navy, also confirmed the incident, noting that 'a missile impacting the water in close proximity' to the ship was reported. Despite the concerning nature of the attack, the vessel and its crew are reported to be safe, and the journey to the next port of call is ongoing.

Although no entity has claimed responsibility for the attack, Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels have been increasingly associated with such incidents since November. These rebels, in control of Yemen's capital Sanaa and a significant portion of the country's Red Sea coast, claim that their actions are in support of Palestinians in the midst of the Gaza war.

The attacks by the Houthi rebels have prompted retaliatory measures from the US and the UK, leading to the establishment of an international naval coalition aimed at safeguarding the crucial trade route. In a separate development, the US military disclosed that four drones in Houthi-controlled parts of Yemen were intercepted and shot down, deeming them an imminent threat to US coalition forces and merchant vessels in the area.