An increasing number of Democrats in the US Congress are urging Democratic President Joe Biden to withdraw his bid for re-election following the 81-year-old incumbent's faltering performance in the debate against Republican opponent Donald Trump.

Here is a list of lawmakers who have openly urged Biden to not seek re-election. REPRESENTATIVE LLOYD DOGGETT Doggett, a member of the US House of Representatives from a secure Democratic district in Texas, was the first congressional Democrat to urge Biden to resign. "President Biden has consistently lagged behind Democratic senators in crucial states and in most polls has been behind Donald Trump," Doggett stated. "I had anticipated that the debate would offer some impetus to alter that. It did not."

REPRESENTATIVE RAUL GRIJALVA Grijalva, a liberal representing a district in southern Arizona near the border with Mexico, informed the New York Times that it was time for Biden to terminate his campaign, stating, "If he's the candidate, I'll support him, but I believe this is a chance to explore other options."

REPRESENTATIVE MIKE QUIGLEY A moderate from Illinois, Quigley informed MSNBC that Biden must relinquish his position and "allow someone else to do this" or risk "total disaster."

REPRESENTATIVE ANGIE CRAIG Craig, whose district is a top target for Republicans to reclaim in November, was the first incumbent from a highly competitive district to urge Biden to resign. "Given what I observed and heard from the president during last week’s debate in Atlanta, along with the absence of a strong response from the president himself after that debate, I do not believe the president can effectively campaign and defeat Donald Trump," Craig stated.