Mubadala Capital, the asset management arm of Mubadala Investment Company, has risen to prominence as a key investor in Latin America, particularly with its substantial investment in Brazil, a nation renowned for its economic potential and diverse market prospects. The latest initiative involves a $13.5 billion investment in a major biofuels project in Brazil over the next ten years, part of a broader strategy that includes establishing a new stock exchange. This project encompasses the construction of five processing facilities, each worth $2.7 billion and capable of producing 20,000 barrels of biofuel per day, with the first expected to commence operations by the end of 2026. Additionally, the project involves the conversion of an oil refinery in Bahia, acquired from Petrobras in 2021. This strategic move by Mubadala Capital underscores the firm's belief in Brazil's economic resilience and growth potential, expanding its investments across various sectors including metro lines, medical universities, and a majority stake in the local Burger King franchise. In an interview, Mubadala Capital’s Brazil head, Oscar Fahlgren, detailed the fund’s plans to produce renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel using non-food plant matter, with the subsidiary Acelen set to develop a large-scale biofuel project by 2026. Funding for this multi-billion-dollar project will be a mix of equity and debt over five to ten years, leveraging Mubadala’s existing $6 billion investments in Brazil, about a quarter of its global portfolio. Mubadala also plans to launch a stock exchange in Brazil next year, aiming to improve the infrastructure for financial players. In a separate development, Mubadala Capital and SailGP have partnered to acquire a new SailGP Team to represent Brazil, set to debut in Season 5 starting November 2024. Additionally, a production partnership with Strata Manufacturing, a Mubadala-owned aerospace facility, will develop new SailGP hydrofoils and rudders for Season 5. Earlier, Mubadala Capital closed its second investment fund in Brazil, totaling over $710 million, marking a decade of successful operations and investments in the country.