Mubhkar, the premier provider of exquisite eastern and western perfumes in the GCC, has unveiled its summer campaign titled 'Smells like Summer'. This campaign features a refined selection of Mubkhar's top fragrances, inspired by the season's most cherished scents. The invigorating lineup is now available for purchase in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.

The 'Smells like Summer' collection is composed of beloved summer notes and ingredients, such as white roses, lilies, rose water, sea water, and pure white musk. This assortment reimagines the essence of summer, establishing Mubkhar as the go-to perfumery brand for the season. The collection is both elegant and enduring, offering a variety of luxurious perfumes suitable for any occasion, day or night.

Highlights of the collection include:

Eau De Parfum: Premium blends of luxurious oils

Scent – Rose – featuring Rosemary, Lavender, Jasmine, and Tea Rose

Scent – Tonka – featuring Yuzu, Saffron, Iris, and Wood

Scent – Musk – featuring Pure White Musk, White Roses, and Cotton

Scent – Lavender – featuring pure Lavender

Scent – Western – featuring Rose, Patchouli, and a hint of Leather

Swash: Mubkhar’s bestselling lightweight spray – ideal for a quick refresh at the gym or on the go

Scent – Orange – featuring Sea Water, Bergamot, Tonka, Birch, Apple & Rose Water

Scent – Pink – featuring Sea Water, Powder, Iris, White Musk, Bergamot, and Rose Water

Scent – Eau Fraiche Blue – featuring Pure White Musk, Rose Water, and Sea Water

Scent - White – featuring Pure White Musk, Sea Water, and Rose Water

Eau de Cologne All-over Spray: A favorite for both personal and home use

Scent – Lavender – featuring pure Lavender

Scent – Clean – featuring Tuberose and Galbanum

Essential oil: For diffusing exquisite aromas in home and personal spaces

Scent - Lavender - featuring pure Lavender

Diffuser: A luxurious product that transforms any space with its indulgent aroma

Scent – Western – featuring White Rose, Powder, and Lemon

Mubkhar is dedicated to creating unique, high-quality fragrances. The summer collection exemplifies this commitment, utilizing the finest ingredients to produce long-lasting scents that stir emotions and memories. To explore the Summer Collection, visit Mubkhar at any of their sales points or shop online at