Mubkhar, a prominent supplier of high-end Eastern and Western perfumes across the GCC, has unveiled its June Scent of the Month. This exclusive fragrance, inspired by the tranquil moments at beaches and swimming pools in the summer, will be available solely during June. The scent encapsulates the spirit of summer with its invigorating notes, featuring a mix of aquatic, bergamot, and cyclamen elements. Its top notes comprise bergamot and cyclamen, enhanced by a hint of pink peppercorn. The heart of the perfume is characterized by aquatic notes, enriched with the subtle fragrance of white flowers and the warmth of tonka bean. The base notes include moss, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood, offering a luxurious finish. The uniqueness of this fragrance lies in the use of cyclamen, a flowering plant known for its floral, earthy, and slightly spicy aroma, often used in perfumes to introduce freshness and balance. Mubkhar characterizes the June Scent of the Month as 'refreshing', ideal for those seeking a summer perfume that reflects the season's essence. Established in 2015, Mubkhar is celebrated for its exquisite range of Eastern and Western fragrances, adhering to the highest quality standards. Part of Floward, Mubkhar leads in the region with its 'Design Your Own Perfume' experience, emphasizing quality and eco-friendly practices, setting it apart in the luxury perfume market.