Although Dubai boasts an effective public transportation system, many residents opt for the ease of navigating the city in their own vehicles, gaining a deeper familiarity with their new home. In Dubai, possessing a valid driving license is a requirement for all car owners. Similarly, individuals seeking to operate safari vehicles, trams, or special vehicles, as well as those employed as drivers by organizations, must obtain a specialized driving permit. For Dubai residents holding a valid driving license and interested in acquiring a commercial driving permit, the process is outlined below.

Requirements for all special driving permits include presenting your Emirates ID number. Additionally, those applying for a safari driving permit must provide an electronic criminal record certificate from Dubai Police. Eligibility for a safari driving permit is granted to those aged 21 or older, employed by a tourism company organizing safari trips, who have obtained a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employer, completed the 'Tourist Guide Training Program', and held their UAE driving license for at least two years. A valid medical test result from an accredited hospital is also required.

For a tram driving permit, eligibility requires employment with a company that owns or operates trams, completion of a tram driving training program under the Competency Management System, a minimum age of 25, and a UAE driving license held for at least five years. A valid medical test result is also necessary. Corporate employees needing to drive special vehicles within company premises can apply for a permit after passing the traffic signs test and practical test by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), obtaining a valid training and inspection site permit, and presenting eye test results.

Heavy vehicle and bus drivers, as well as light vehicle personal drivers employed by Dubai residents or citizens, can apply for an occupational driving permit, provided they are medically fit. Applications for special driving permits can be made through the RTA website or at accredited driving institutes, with various fees applicable. Special learning permits vary in validity, with tram learning permits valid for six months and others for three months. Special driving permits, such as those for special vehicles, safari, tram, and occupational, are valid for one to two years.