Philippe Mathijs, an acclaimed executive coach with three decades of international experience, has collaborated with numerous high-profile corporations. His recent publication, 'How Not to Be Lonely At The Top,' is designed to offer essential advice to current and future leaders. In an interview, Mathijs discussed the motivations behind his book. He explained that his goal was to assist individuals in understanding and overcoming the hidden complexities of career advancement. As an executive coach, his mission is to help individuals reach their full potential, and writing this book was a way to extend his guidance to a broader audience.

Mathijs also explores the critical intersection of leadership and mental health in his book. Drawing from his personal experiences, he emphasizes the importance of mental well-being in leadership roles. He shares strategies for managing mental health and maintaining a balanced work-life, along with insights on navigating corporate politics effectively.

'How Not To Be Lonely At The Top' distinguishes itself from other leadership books by offering practical, experience-based advice. The book is filled with actionable tips based on real-life scenarios, making it a valuable resource for leaders. Senior industry leaders who have reviewed the book have found it deeply resonant and relatable.

The book also examines the relationship between loneliness and risk-taking in leadership, discussing how balanced risk-taking can lead to better financial outcomes. Mathijs suggests that effective leadership involves a careful balance of risk and caution, considering various factors such as company risk appetite and job context.

Key takeaways from the book include preparing for difficult conversations, seeking mentorship, and prioritizing self-care. Mathijs is also planning a new program inspired by the book, which will delve deeper into leadership transformation, exploring triggers, identity, and strategies for controlling reactions.