Neetu Agarwal, 40, has lived in the UAE for 22 years, making it her home. She has seamlessly integrated her Indian heritage with her new environment, and as an energy healer, spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker, she plays a vital role in bringing tranquility to UAE residents amidst their fast-paced lives. Despite working only 10 days a month, she earns more than many who work full-time, which she attributes to her transformed perspective on money.

When asked about her relationship with money, Neetu describes it as that of best friends. She traces the formation of this bond back to her formative years, observing the attitudes and behaviors of her family members towards money, which instilled negative beliefs in her. However, learning about belief systems through theta healing in 2014 enabled her to alter her perceptions, leading to a positive and accurate understanding of money and its flow.

Neetu's most defining encounter with money occurred after the passing of her mother three years ago. Suddenly burdened with financial responsibilities, she realized the strength and beauty of her evolved association with money, as it continued to flow effortlessly, almost in harmony with the universe.

Although she focuses on short-term financial planning, setting incremental income goals each month and annually, Neetu has ambitious long-term aspirations. These include establishing her academy of Enlightening Souls in India, Dubai, and California, owning properties in Dubai and California, and indulging in luxurious travel experiences across the globe.

Neetu identifies her decision to invest in courses to become a teacher and instructor as her most significant financial move. This investment has not only shaped her current lifestyle, allowing her to work minimally for maximum returns, but has also paved the way for her future endeavors.