On Friday, it was announced that private schools in Ras Al Khaimah will now be overseen by a new government entity. The Ministry of Education (MoE) is set to gradually transfer its authority over the private education sector in the emirate to the Ras Al Khaimah Department of Knowledge (Rakdok), as stated in a Wam news agency release. This transition is planned to occur in stages, culminating by the year's end. A memorandum of understanding was signed between MoE and Rakdok to formalize this strategic partnership. Rakdok will implement a fresh approach aimed at enhancing educational services and aligning with global standards. Abdul Rahman Al Naqbi, a member of Rakdok's Board of Directors, highlighted that this collaboration offers a significant chance to elevate educational standards to international benchmarks and cater to diverse student needs, including those of students with special needs. Currently, Ras Al Khaimah hosts 107 public and private schools with various curricula. In 2022, UNESCO included the emirate in its global network of learning cities. Rakdok comprises four main departments that manage different educational aspects, aiming to establish a holistic educational system. Rabaa Ali Al Sumaiti, MoE's undersecretary for performance improvement, pledged full support to Rakdok. The ministry's goal is to not only unlock students' potential but also attract top international educational institutions to Ras Al Khaimah. Al Sumaiti expressed anticipation for ongoing, productive cooperation with Rakdok and local partners to evolve the UAE's educational system.