Embark on an unprecedented journey with Dawntrail, the newest expansion for the highly praised Final Fantasy 14 Online. Explore the depths of azure seas and the vastness of clear skies as you delve into unexplored regions filled with mysteries and adventures. Interact with cherished characters and forge new alliances while encountering distinct tribes rich in culture and history. Face daunting challenges hidden in the shadows, testing your bravery and skill. Each step brings the excitement of discovery and the promise of new horizons. Dawntrail guarantees an experience brimming with excitement, camaraderie, and endless exploration. The world of Final Fantasy 14 is growing – are you ready to grow with it?

The First Descendant is a thrilling third-person looter shooter, skillfully developed using Unreal Engine 5. Assume the role of a Descendant, a hero chosen to battle for humanity's survival against insurmountable odds. As a Descendant, you have unique abilities that allow you to tackle challenges in ways that suit your playstyle. Whether you prefer solo missions or teaming up with friends, the game offers dynamic solo and co-op missions tailored to your preferences.

Once Human immerses you in a bizarre, post-apocalyptic future where survival depends on unity, strength, and cunning. As a multiplayer open-world survival game, it challenges you to adapt and thrive in a world ravaged by catastrophic events. Join forces with friends and form alliances to combat monstrous enemies lurking in the shadows. As you explore the expansive world, you will uncover hidden secrets and unravel complex plots that reveal the deeper mysteries of this dystopian future.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, from the creators of Ashen, is an explosive Souls-lite game where gods and guns collide in a fight for humanity's future. After the Door to the Great Below releases gods and their undead armies, the lands of Kian are besieged, and the city of Dawn is on the verge of destruction. You play as Nor Vanek, an elite Coalition soldier, accompanied by a magical fox-like companion, Enki, on a quest to defeat the gods, close the door, and reclaim the world. The game features dynamic combat that combines melee, gunpowder, and magic, allowing you to exploit verticality and chain attacks in rhythmic battles while traversing the ravaged landscape, discovering new equipment, and upgrading your gear for the ultimate showdown against the vengeful gods.

F1 Manager 2024 provides the most comprehensive Formula 1 management experience yet, allowing you to lead one of 10 official teams or create your own for the first time. As a team manager, you'll oversee every aspect, from race day strategy to managing drivers, staff, car development, and facilities across multiple seasons. The game features a broadcast-quality presentation of thrilling races and introduces a new Mentality System, where managing the personalities and needs of your team is crucial for success. Customize your team's origin, livery, logo, and racing suits, recruit staff and drivers, and negotiate sponsorships to build a legacy and lead your team to glory.

Frostpunk 2 advances the city-survival genre by focusing the main challenge on managing human nature rather than battling nature. As the city's Steward, you must mediate between factions and large districts, each with unique needs and demands. Your city has expanded, now constructing entire districts in months, housing thousands of citizens, making governance more complex. Citizens form factions, and aligning with one can create tension with others, requiring careful alliance management. The game offers an epic story mode set in the frozen wastes and a sandbox mode for creative experiments.