Lebanese entrepreneur Nizar Choucair, celebrated for turning his youthful passion for chocolate into the internationally acclaimed brand 'Patchi', has sadly passed away. A prayer service for the 80-year-old is planned for Monday afternoon at the Al Khashoggi Mosque. Prior to the burial, condolences can be offered at the Mohyee Aldin Barghouth Hall - Al Khashoggi Mosque. Following the burial, condolences will be received on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for both men and women at the Seaside Pavilion Hall, Beirut Waterfront.

The company's social media platforms shared a heartfelt message: 'With profound sadness, we report the demise of Mr. Nizar Choucair, our cherished founder. Mr. Choucair was a man whose kindness and magnanimity influenced all who encountered him. His innovative perspective turned chocolate into an art form that stirs emotions and fosters treasured memories. His legacy endures through Patchi, a brand that has resonated across various cultures and festive occasions. We pay tribute to his memory and the remarkable heritage he established.'

The message continued, 'Our thoughts and prayers are with the dear family of Mr. Nizar Choucair and the broader Patchi family during this challenging period. May they find fortitude, comfort, and peace in the precious memories they shared with him. May his legacy of benevolence, foresight, and generosity continue to guide our path forward.'

The brand's journey began when a young Nizar Choucair, at 11 years old, became enamored with chocolate. However, it was in 1974 when a single piece of chocolate truly marked the beginning of his success. Nizar Choucair pioneered the concept of chocolate gifting, transforming chocolate into a multidimensional experience. He recognized that chocolate could create unique experiences and evoke various feelings, emotions, memories, and moments in people's lives. His vision led to a significant brand evolution as Patchi expanded into new cultures, markets, and celebrations.

Born in Beirut, Nizar Choucair relocated to Kuwait at 18, where he initially worked for a gas manufacturing company. He eventually returned to Lebanon and launched his prosperous career with 'Patchi' chocolates. Beginning with one store and four staff members, Choucair established a new branch every six months, ultimately leading to over 150 branches globally. In 1990, Choucair secured an interest-free loan from the Bank of Lebanon, which allowed him to acquire advanced machinery for his factory. His enterprise expanded to include factories and branches in the UAE, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and other nations.