Norway's government plans to declare its recognition of an independent Palestinian state, as reported by public broadcaster NRK and daily Aftenposten, citing unnamed sources. The Norwegian prime minister's office and the foreign ministry have not yet responded to requests for comment.

Similarly, the Irish government is set to announce the recognition of a Palestinian state, while Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also intends to declare the recognition of an independent Palestinian state. This follows indications from European Union members Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, and Malta, who have expressed their plans to recognize Palestine, emphasizing the necessity of a two-state solution for lasting peace in the region.

The Norwegian prime minister and the foreign minister are scheduled to hold a press conference on Wednesday, focusing on the Middle East. This decision comes amid Israeli assaults on the northern and southern edges of the Gaza Strip in May, resulting in mass displacement and severe limitations on aid, exacerbating the risk of famine.

Norway, a non-EU country and a close U.S. ally, has historically stated its intention to recognize Palestine as a country provided it could positively impact the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, aligning with the United States' stance on the matter. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere confirmed last month that the country was prepared to make a decision on recognizing a Palestinian state but had not finalized the timing.