Originally introduced as a simple restaurant calorie calculator, NutriCal has transformed into a comprehensive B2B solution, addressing the critical need for transparency, traceability, and safety in food choices. Presently, NutriCal caters to a wide range of clients, from restaurants and cloud kitchens to catering services and food manufacturers. Soniya Ashar, the Founder & CEO of NutriCal, explains, “Our platform provides businesses with crucial tools for compliant nutrition and calorie-based recipes, food labeling, digital menus, diet plans, and recipe costing, helping them meet regulatory standards and consumer expectations effectively.”

In an interview, Ashar discussed NutriCal’s evolution from inception to becoming the GCC’s leading food intelligence platform. The company was born out of a realization about the lack of information and transparency from food brands, leading to health issues. NutriCal aims to fill these market gaps with comprehensive food intelligence solutions.

NutriCal’s Food Intelligence Platform benefits both consumers and businesses in multiple ways. It aids food businesses in compliance, cost reduction, and operational efficiency, while governments benefit from its support for sustainability and food safety initiatives. Consumers receive personalized dietary information, and investors see potential in NutriCal’s growing market and initiatives.

The food tech industry is booming, with the global market expected to grow from $220 billion in 2022 to $342 billion by 2027. NutriCal plans to expand globally, introducing innovative features like a carbon footprint calculator, which has been well-received by regional F&B brands.

To stay ahead in the industry, NutriCal monitors global food tech developments and leverages advanced analytics and machine learning. The company has formed strategic partnerships with over 300 F&B outlets and supports public health initiatives, reinforcing its commitment to food safety, nutrition, and sustainability.