Actors Olivia Holt and Mason Gooding are set to star in the horror rom-com Heart Eyes, directed by Josh Ruben, famous for his films Scare Me and Werewolves Within. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, this comedic horror will unfold in New Zealand, offering a fresh take on the traditional romantic comedy. The script is penned by Phillip Murphy, Christopher Landon, and Michael Kennedy. The film begins with the appearance of the infamous Heart Eyes Killer, leading to a night filled with fear and unforeseen romance. The story follows two colleagues who, through a series of strange occurrences, are mistaken as a couple by the enigmatic Heart Eyes Killer. As Valentine's Day takes a sinister turn, the pair must survive a night of terror while dodging the deadly killer. Ruben expressed, 'My passion for horror is only matched by my love for romantic comedies. I'm thrilled to tackle my most ambitious genre-blending project yet, a fierce slasher set in a nostalgic rom-com world,' as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter. Holt is recognized for her role in Jingle Bell Heist, while Gooding is known for his performances in Scream and Scream VI.