Did you know that the day you choose to travel could significantly impact your vacation budget? Experts revealed that flying on a Wednesday instead of a Sunday can save an average of Dh279.15 per ticket. Rikant Pittie, co-founder of EaseMyTrip, explained that the best time to find lower prices for airfares, accommodations, and tourist activities during summer is from late July to August. This is because airlines and hotels, especially in the GCC, often lower prices and offer promotions due to reduced demand caused by extreme weather conditions.

Pittie added that the cheapest week to fly out is the last week of July, when airfares are about 8 per cent cheaper than the average cost during summer. He noted that the beginning of the week, especially Tuesdays, tends to have lower airfares compared to other days of the week. Pittie suggested that searching for flights on Tuesday around midnight could save approximately 6 per cent on airfare.

A SkyScanner poll revealed that 56 per cent of UAE travellers are aware of cheaper weeks and days to travel during summer, but only 3 per cent are taking advantage of this. The findings also showed that 53 per cent of EMEA travellers are choosing Europe as their summer holiday destination in 2024, up 4 per cent from last year, likely due to a 4 per cent decline in North America and the strong US dollar.

Skyscanner travel expert Ayoub El Mamoun advised being flexible with travel times. He recommended considering flexible departure times or exploring underrated destinations to get a good deal. El Mamoun noted that finding a cheap flight is more about the popularity of the flight than the day you book, as flights are priced based on supply and demand. He added that the sweet spot for booking an international trip is between 6 to 12 weeks out, with 7 weeks being the cheapest on average.

For travellers planning trips during peak season (June to September), Pittie advised booking 45 days before departure. He suggested that planning and booking 4 to 6 months prior could help save a significant amount by taking advantage of early booking discounts and securing availability. Pittie also recommended booking tickets well in advance, considering less popular or off-beat destinations, and travelling during off-seasons. He strongly advised travellers to take advantage of accumulating credit card points and earning travel rewards.