Across the UAE, organizations are elevating standards for employee well-being and community engagement. Research indicates that 92% of consumers favor companies that advocate for these causes. Employee wellness and ESG risks are top priorities for executives in the region. Recently, ORO24, a real estate development company, has demonstrated an exemplary approach to these priorities. At the recent Employee Happiness Awards (EHA), ORO24 secured Gold awards in 'Best Workspace Design' and 'Best Community Impact Initiatives'. These accolades highlight ORO24's leadership in fostering a healthy and productive workplace. Their headquarters, spanning 17,000 square feet, is thoughtfully designed to enhance creativity and efficiency, featuring a multipurpose space with amenities like a restaurant, cinema, library, gym, and dedicated prayer areas. “At ORO24, we prioritize creating a workspace that nurtures creativity and employee well-being,” noted Aaliya Rahman. The company has also made significant contributions, such as Dh10 million to the Mothers’ Endowment Campaign and pledges to support various community initiatives. Jatin Deepchandani, CEO of Plan3Media, commended ORO24’s initiatives, emphasizing the importance of recognizing merit in enhancing corporate priorities like employee well-being. The UAE is experiencing a surge in global talent attraction, with companies increasingly viewing top-class facilities and social responsibility as essential. ORO24’s recognition underscores the growing importance of sustainability and inclusivity in corporate strategies.