According to travel agents, many visitors unintentionally overstay their stay in the UAE due to their lack of awareness about the elimination of the grace period. Overstaying and absconding could result in a daily fine of Dh50, regardless of the type of visa held.

If a visitor exceeds their permitted stay, they are required to settle the incurred fine in order to clear all charges. This can be done in six steps:

1. Visit the website of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security and select 'Fines and Leave Permits' from the home page.

2. Click on 'Start Service' in the 'Fines - Pay Fines - Violations of Entry Permissions or Residences - Pay New Fine' section on the subsequent page.

3. If the visitor was on a residence visa, they should complete the required fields on the page. Otherwise, they should choose 'citizens of certain countries' and fill in the empty fields.

4. Upon clicking 'Verify Applicant' and 'Next', the visitor will be directed to another page.

5. The visitor will then be prompted to review their application and confirm all relevant details.

6. Finally, the visitor will be directed to a page to make the payment for the fine. Once the payment is completed, the transaction will be confirmed.