Not all university students in Dubai opt for public transportation when commuting to their campuses, as many prefer using their private vehicles. While commuters using the metro may encounter the challenge of dealing with large crowds, these students face a distinct issue — finding a parking spot. Amidst the heat in the UAE, many students may be reluctant to park in open spaces to avoid potential damage to their vehicles. Furthermore, enduring lengthy classes could result in significant expenses for paid parking.

The RTA in Dubai offers a permit for university students to secure parking at designated slots labeled A, B, C, and D situated within a 500-meter radius of the educational institution's premises. This permit can only be linked to a single vehicle and does not apply to reserved parking.

For students to obtain the permit, the following steps need to be followed:

Required documents: Students must furnish an official attestation from the higher education institution confirming their current student status. They also need to present their driving license and documents proving their ownership of the vehicle (Mulkiya) or that of their first or second degree relatives.

Cost: The cost of the permit varies depending on the duration for which it is needed: 30 days - Dh100, 3 months - Dh300, 6 months - Dh600, 12 months - Dh1,200.

Process: The application process can be completed through the RTA website and customer happiness centre, with the permit taking up to two days to be issued. Students are required to follow these steps on the RTA's website: select 'Apply for a Student Parking Permit', upload all necessary documents and details, and await a response from the RTA via SMS. If the application is approved, the students will receive a virtual permit, allowing them to park within the vicinity of the educational institution.