The Philippine ambassador to the UAE and community leaders have encouraged their kababayan (countrymen) to refrain from disseminating false information, particularly after social media posts alleged that over 160 Filipinos tested positive for HIV in the first half of 2024. Philippine Ambassador Alfonso Ferdinand A. Ver emphasized the importance of verifying information from official sources before sharing, noting the UAE Government's stringent measures against fake news. Penalties under UAE law for spreading rumors and fake news can range from Dh100,000 to Dh200,000, along with imprisonment of one to two years. The misleading posts, which appeared on TikTok and Facebook, falsely claimed that 166 OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) were diagnosed with HIV from January to May. The posts, labeled as 'Breaking News UAE Dubai/ Satwa,' aimed to alarm Filipinos in Satwa, Dubai. This misinformation emerged shortly after Philippine Department of Health minister Ted Herbosa voiced concerns over a surge in new HIV cases in the Philippines. The original report, dating back to August 2011, mentioned 166 OFWs with HIV from January to July that year, with no reference to Dubai or the UAE. The outdated article was manipulated to change the date to January to May, misleading readers. Filipino community leader Josie Conlu stressed the need for caution and verification of information, especially on sensitive topics like health. Filipino Social Club president Ericson Reyes clarified that there is no current evidence supporting the claims and reminded the community of the UAE's strict regulations against misinformation.