Are you ready to embark on your Eid Al Adha and summer vacations? Prior to departing, ensure you've enabled the 'Away Mode' on your utilities app to monitor water and electricity consumption, preventing exorbitant bills upon your return from holiday. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) recently urged its customers to implement preemptive steps before traveling. It suggested turning off and unplugging all electrical devices to avoid energy waste in standby mode. Additionally, activating the 'Away Mode' feature via Dewa’s website or smart app is advised. This service allows customers to track their electricity and water usage remotely, receiving daily or weekly updates via email from Dewa, alerting them to any irregularities in usage. This measure is crucial to avoid situations like the one experienced by a British expatriate last August, who was astounded by a Dh20,179 Dewa bill post-holiday. Dewa also issues 'high water usage alerts' to assist in identifying leaks in water connections, sending immediate notifications for any abnormal consumption spikes. Further, customers are encouraged to adjust their lighting control systems for automatic on and off functions to conserve electricity. It is also advisable to shut off the water supply, check internal connections, and repair any leaks with the assistance of a professional technician before leaving. Detailed information on consumption management, tips, and instructions can be found on the Dewa website.