President Sheikh Mohamed has expressed sorrow over the passing of Saeed bin Ahmed Al Otaiba, who died on May 29. Al Otaiba, an Emirati trailblazer, held various governmental positions following the establishment of the UAE. His pivotal role in Abu Dhabi was instrumental in shaping the country's economy. The UAE President noted that Al Otaiba belonged to the inaugural cohort that collaborated with the late Sheikh Zayed, demonstrating unwavering commitment and sincerity.

The late Al Otaiba served as the former chairman of the Abu Dhabi Chairman of Industry and Commerce and was elected Chairman of the UAE Federation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FCCI). In accordance with President Sheikh Mohamed's directives, a street was named in his honor – Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Otaiba Street. Born in 1916 in the Al Dhahr neighborhood in Abu Dhabi, Saeed bin Ahmed commenced his career as a pearl trader and later engaged in commodity trading across various nations. Additionally, Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Otaiba was a notable figure in colloquial poetry and made significant contributions to the nation's cultural legacy.