Businesses need to prioritize comprehensive cybersecurity measures to defend against the evolving cyber threat landscape, according to a senior official.

Ertug Ayik, MD Middle East and Africa at HP, emphasized the importance of endpoint protection, particularly in hybrid environments where personal and work devices are closely interconnected.

Combining technology with ongoing training and threat intelligence can help businesses establish a resilient cybersecurity posture capable of adapting to dynamic threats. HP Wolf Security offers comprehensive endpoint protection and resiliency across hardware, software, and services. Regular employee training programs are crucial, but businesses should also employ robust endpoint security and isolation technology to counter advanced AI-enabled cybercriminal activities.

Furthermore, leveraging threat intelligence and security analytics enables organizations to proactively identify and mitigate cyber threats. A holistic approach that integrates technology, training, and intelligence gathering is essential for effectively mitigating cybersecurity risks.

Businesses should focus their resources on continuous endpoint monitoring, real-time device management, and comprehensive security solutions. Best practices, such as multifactor authentication, controlling software installations, and mitigating top attack vectors like email, web browsing, and file downloads, are key to reducing vulnerabilities. Additionally, prioritizing self-healing hardware, planning for business continuity, vetting supplier security, and rehearsing responses to attacks are essential components of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

AI is expected to transform cybersecurity, playing a dual role in both attacks and defense. Cybercriminals will exploit AI for more sophisticated attacks, while AI will empower security teams to detect and respond to threats more efficiently. Collaboration and trust with trusted AI security partners will be crucial to navigating the evolving threat landscape while safeguarding privacy and security.