Businesses need to prioritize comprehensive cybersecurity measures to protect against the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, according to Ertug Ayik, MD Middle East and Africa, HP. Ayik emphasized the paramount importance of endpoint protection in hybrid environments where personal and work devices have porous boundaries.

Combining technology with ongoing training and threat intelligence enables businesses to establish a resilient cybersecurity posture capable of adapting to the dynamic threat environment. HP Wolf Security offers comprehensive endpoint protection and resiliency across the hardware, software, and services stack. Additionally, regular training programs for employees and leveraging threat intelligence and security analytics play crucial roles in cybersecurity defence.

A holistic approach that combines technology, training, and intelligence gathering is essential for effectively mitigating cybersecurity risks. Businesses should prioritize continuous endpoint monitoring, real-time device management, and comprehensive security solutions. Strategic best practices, such as multifactor authentication, controlling software installations, and focusing on reducing risk from top attack vectors like email, web browsing, and file downloads, are recommended.

AI is expected to revolutionize cybersecurity, playing a dual role in both attacks and defense. Cybercriminals will exploit AI to launch more sophisticated attacks, while AI will empower security teams to detect and respond to threats more efficiently. Collaboration and trust will be paramount as AI continues to shape the cybersecurity landscape, with a focus on ensuring the integrity of AI systems and paving the way for a safer digital future.