Muslim electric-rickshaw driver Rashid Ahmed is affectionately known as 'Our Modi' in his Delhi neighborhood due to his striking resemblance to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is seeking a third consecutive term in the general elections. If Modi wins the polls, he will be only the second person after Indian independence hero Jawaharlal Nehru to serve three consecutive terms.

Ahmed, 60, whose white hair and beard, trimmed like Modi's, along with similar clothing, has garnered attention and comparisons since Modi became prime minister. Living with his family in a two-room home, Ahmed is a celebrity in his area and is often interrupted by visitors who want to meet him or take pictures with him. To the children in the area, he is known as 'Modi uncle', as he drives many of them to school every day.

Many people, including a self-proclaimed fan named Seema, seek Ahmed out for chats and photos due to his resemblance to the prime minister. He has also attended rallies of Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as a prime ministerial look-alike and has received money from these events, which is comparable to his daily earnings as a rickshaw driver.

Despite belonging to the minority Muslim community, Ahmed believes that it is not the prime minister but those in his party's lower ranks who divide religions. He opines that the prime minister listens to everyone, while acknowledging that there are individuals within the party who malign its image.

Ahmed is one of several prime ministerial look-alikes, including Jagdish Bhatia, who have been part of BJP campaigns. Bhatia, a real-estate businessman, considers attending BJP rallies a 'social service' and admires Modi's vision for the country.

While Bhatia consciously alters his clothing style to resemble Modi, Ahmed dismisses his own resemblance to the leader as coincidental. When asked about the election outcome, Ahmed expressed a desire for good work, development, and unity.