Electricity rates are set to decrease for select industrial companies in the Northern Emirates, as part of a series of initiatives to promote growth. The Emirates Water and Electricity Company (Ewec) has introduced revised pricing segments and incentives that will lead to reduced electricity rates for companies meeting specific consumption thresholds. Those consuming over 10,000 megawatt hours per month will now experience tariffs starting from 32 fils per kilowatt hour, potentially falling to as low as 26 fils per kilowatt hour. Additional benefits under the new system include flexible installation fees, exemption from insurance charges, and no extra costs for meter usage. This revised pricing will also extend to technology firms, encompassing disaster recovery data centers (DRDs) that play a crucial role in rebuilding and restoring technological infrastructure during outages.

The initiative was unveiled during the third session of the 'Make in the Emirates' forum. The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, in collaboration with its partners, aims to fortify incentives and enhance the capabilities of industrial companies. According to Omar Al Suwaidi, the undersecretary of the authority, the reduced energy tariff aligns with the objectives of the 'Make in the Emirates' initiative and will boost the industrial sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product.

Yousef Ahmed Al Ali, CEO of Ewec, emphasized that this initiative underscores the company’s commitment to shaping a future where the energy sector propels industrial growth.