Popular Emirati poet Rabie bin Yaqut, who recently passed away, was celebrated as a 'maker of joy' by a UAE royal. Elder Emiratis revered him as 'the celebrity of their generation – loved by many and hated by none', while the younger generation admired him for his flair in poetry and timeless literary work.

However, to his son, Othman Rabie, the late Emirati poet was simply 'a loving, caring, and compassionate father who treated all his children and grandchildren equally'. Othman expressed gratitude that his father's legacy is characterized by the love, respect, and appreciation of the people.

Early Life

Rabie was born in 1928 in Ajman and was widely recognized as one of the most distinguished poets in the UAE. Although he attended a local elementary school, he had to leave early in order to support himself. During the late 1940s, he ventured to Kuwait for his first job at the Ahmadi Oil Company alongside his friends, Hamad Khalifah BuShahab and Rashid bin Safwan.

Poetic Journey

In his twenties, Rabie discovered his passion for poetry. After working at the oil company for twelve years, he transitioned to a role in the Kuwaiti government before returning to the UAE before its formation in 1972. Here, he became involved with a group of young performers, including renowned actor and poet Sultan bin Hamad Al Shamsi, and writer-playwright Hamad Khalifa Bu Shahab. Following a brief stint in theatre, he shifted his focus to poetry.

'Fruit of Emirati Poetry'

Rabie participated in the popular poets' television programme, 'Poets Council', broadcasted on Dubai TV during the late sixties, alongside poets such as Rashid AlKhader, Salem AlJamri, Muhammad bin Souqat, and Ali Bin Rahma AlShamsi. It was during this time that he was bestowed the title 'The Fruit of Emirati Poetry' by the founder of the TV programme, Hamad Khalifa Bu Shahab.

Master of Traditional Poetry

Khaled AlQassemi, UAE Minister of Culture, described Rabie as 'a poet of great stature and one of the masters of traditional poetry'. He commended Rabie for his respectful and entertaining poetry, void of vulgarity. The funeral prayer for Rabie was held at Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Ajman, where he was bid farewell by prominent Emiratis and high-level personalities from across the UAE.