Indian expat couple Anand Kumar and Raji have instituted a Student Achievement Award with the Highest GPA at Boston University, commemorating their son Sharat Kumar Nambiar, who tragically passed away in a car accident in 2019. The Boston University Pardee School of Global Studies held its convocation on May 18, where the inaugural award was presented to two students. Raji, with a tremor in her voice, explained, 'It was awarded to a graduate and an undergraduate with the highest GPA.' Anand affirmed their commitment to continue this award annually in Sharat's honor, stating, 'This act of giving back provides us with a sense of purpose and helps keep Sharat’s legacy alive.' Sharat, their only child, was an international relations major at the Pardee School and was pursuing a minor in business at the Questrom School of Business. He had a promising future, having interned with Dr. Shashi Tharoor and participated in various academic and leadership activities. Tragically, Sharat lost his life in a car crash in Dubai on December 25, 2019. In his memory, Anand and Raji have also established the Students Achievement Award at The Doon School and sponsor tennis tournaments at the Trivandrum Tennis Club, aiming to honor his passions and academic excellence.