In a successful rescue operation, 25 Indian nationals have been safely brought back after falling victim to a job scam in Cambodia. Their return journey commenced on May 23, 2024, with Jetstar flight 3K592 at 21:30 and will conclude with their transfer to Vishakhapatnam via Air India flight No. AI451 at 17:15 hrs on May 24, 2024.

This rescue operation, conducted with the collaboration of Cambodian authorities, was made possible thanks to the assistance provided by five consular/embassy officials, who played a crucial role in aiding the Indian nationals. Throughout this ordeal, the Embassy extended support to the victims' families, offering counseling and facilitating communication with airlines to ensure hassle-free ticket purchases, check-in procedures, and immigration processes.

This recent development follows the successful repatriation of 60 Indian nationals rescued from fraudulent employers in Cambodia. The assistance provided by authorities in Sihanoukville, in coordination with Indian officials, marked a significant joint effort between the two countries.

The Indian Embassy in Cambodia has been actively involved in addressing the plight of Indian nationals ensnared in deceptive employment schemes. By issuing advisories, the Embassy has encouraged caution among Indian nationals seeking employment in Cambodia, stressing the importance of securing jobs through authorized agents approved by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The ongoing efforts to ensure the safe return of Indian nationals from Cambodia are a testament to the Embassy's tireless commitment and continuous communication with Cambodian authorities. This commitment is further evidenced by the establishment of a temporary Control Room in Sihanoukville and the provision of necessary guidance to facilitate repatriation.

Both the Government of India and the Embassy of India remain resolute in their dedication to providing support to Indian nationals facing exploitation abroad. With over 380 Indian nationals rescued and repatriated through the Embassy's intervention to date, the mission to safeguard the welfare of Indian citizens overseas is ongoing.