A more than 100-year-old house in Khorfakkan has been renovated and inaugurated by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) on Wednesday, transforming it into a high-end hospitality and cultural tourism spot. Phase 1 of the 'Najd Al Meqsar' project encompasses 7 refurbished units within a century-old house, each boasting views of the mountains. Positioned on 17,210 square meters, the amenities feature a dining establishment, a reception area, and a pathway leading to the renowned 300-year-old Al Meqsar Fortress. Adventurers can also enjoy hiking trails offering sweeping vistas of Khorfakkan and access to Al Rafisah Dam via a specific trail. The Najd Al Meqsar region stands as a vibrant testament to a history spanning thousands of years. Nestled in the core of Wadi Wishi, it houses the ancient Al Rafisah Fort, also referred to as 'Sulailat Fort'. This territory was formerly populated by the Al Hanateeb tribe, who established themselves near the plentiful water source of Wadi Wishi, which supported the Al Aflaj irrigation system and cultivated the land. Close to the submerged island used for deer breeding, remnants of the former 'Al Hara' area can be found. This region flourished due to the waters from the Wadi Al Jinn spring and comprised over forty dwellings, along with forts erected on mountain peaks to safeguard the residents. Najd Al Maqsar is situated under the 'Al Bari' or 'Fort' area, which contains a mosque, a ghaf tree, and a historical rock known as Hussat Al Meqsar. Etched on this rock is the inscription 'Kharab Al Rafisah 1288 Hijri' – meaning the abandoned area of Al Rafisah – a testament to the final prayer conducted in the mosque in the 1960s. “The launch of Najd Al Meqsar signifies a pivotal point in our endeavor to preserve and honor Sharjah’s rich history. Through careful conservation of our heritage and the creation of diverse, immersive, and sustainable visitor experiences, we highlight the variety of attractions within our emirate and further strengthen Sharjah’s position in the regional and global investment and tourism sectors,” stated Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer, CEO of Shurooq. The project is being executed in a strategic two-phase development plan to protect and maintain the original structures. Upon completion, the heritage-inspired development will offer guests trails, easy access to the Wadi Wishi archaeological site, and more. Looking forward, phase 2, slated for completion in the first quarter of 2026, will include additional units overlooking the valleys on 16,500 square meters. “As we progress towards phase 2 and beyond, we invite guests to embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and enrichment set against the backdrop of Sharjah’s natural splendor and cultural wealth,” added Al Qaseer.