We might be on the brink of a groundbreaking approach to weight loss: an orally administered pill. Novo Nordisk's drug, amycretin, has shown promising results in an early stage clinical trial, with participants experiencing a 13 per cent weight loss over a period of 12 weeks. A larger phase two trial is scheduled for later this year, with results anticipated in early 2026.

Amycretin targets the GLP-1 hormone and stimulates the hormone amylin, which plays a role in hunger regulation. Novo Nordisk recently held an international briefing to discuss their pipeline of drugs, focusing on advancements in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity management.

Hazem Aly, CMR Director at Novo Nordisk Pharma Gulf, emphasized the increasing global awareness of obesity and the seriousness with which it is being addressed. He highlighted the importance of seeking guidance from healthcare professionals when managing the disease and its treatment, ensuring the proper utilization of medications and monitoring for potential side effects.

Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, CEO of Novo Nordisk, addressed the duration of treatment with anti-obesity drugs, acknowledging that individual responses vary, with some patients requiring long-term medication due to genetic predisposition, while others may experience rapid changes with lifestyle modifications.

Novo Nordisk specializes in innovative diabetes and anti-obesity drugs, such as Ozempic and Wegovy, designed for individuals with high co-morbidities.