The evolution of GenAI tools into valuable business utilities has brought about a shift in the nature of employment over the past 18 months. This shift has presented a significant challenge for businesses in maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction and productivity, particularly with the rise of remote workers and global workforces.

Businesses in the UAE are proactively adapting to this global trend by formulating comprehensive policies encompassing pay parity, diversity, benefits, and flexible work schedules. However, effectively managing these policies, especially in the face of expanding globally dispersed teams, has become increasingly demanding from a payroll operations standpoint.

Addressing this challenge, Ramco Payce, a platform-based payroll software empowered by advanced technology, has been introduced in the UAE. Developed by Ramco Systems, a key player in the global payroll management market, Payce leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to offer data-driven insights and a holistic view of payroll operations.

Furthermore, the launch of Payce in the UAE marks a strategic step for Ramco Systems, reflecting its continued expansion and focus in the Middle East. Sundar Subramanian, CEO of Ramco Systems, emphasized the importance of this development, stating that Payce is designed to alleviate the burden on businesses by simplifying processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance, and enhancing employee satisfaction amid the challenges posed by a globalized and diversified workforce.

Payce's technological capabilities are engineered to enable business leaders to focus on strategic challenges by streamlining payroll processes and minimizing errors through automation. Moreover, it provides country-specific compliance management and addresses payroll-related queries through an intelligent chatbot, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and reduced complexities for organizations and payroll professionals.

Rohit Mathur, SVP & SBU Head, Global Payroll & HR at Ramco Systems, highlighted that Ramco Payce's rapid and accurate payroll processing, coupled with features such as self-service reporting, no-code rule builder, and payroll workspaces, is set to redefine the landscape of payroll management. Additionally, Payce's analytics and reporting capabilities offer real-time insights into macro trends related to pay parity, inclusivity, and diversity, while its anomaly-tracking engine and country-specific configurations further solidify its role in facilitating hassle-free payroll implementations.