A stray kitten that slipped under a car in the middle of a bustling street was recently rescued from danger — all thanks to a rider's swift thinking and compassion. “It was a spontaneous decision. The traffic light was red and I noticed the kitten dashing and abruptly halting under an SUV. I surveyed my surroundings, and once clear, I quickly dismounted my motorcycle and retrieved the kitten without delay,” recounted Zubair Anwar Muhammad Anwar, who shared his story with Khaleej Times from Gujranwala, Pakistan, where he is spending his Eid Al Adha holiday. “I set the cat down on the safe side of the road and resumed my journey. I was unaware that someone had recorded the incident, which later went viral. I was just pleased to have saved the kitten,” said the 29-year-old Pakistani, a delivery rider in Abu Dhabi for the past five years. Anwar mentioned that the rescue occurred before his Eid break. “It was noon and extremely hot. The event unfolded on Al Falah Street, opposite Al Manhal Palace in Abu Dhabi, as I was delivering food,” he explained. “I'm aware that street cats often hide under cars to escape the heat, but this was in the middle of the street. Fortunately, I managed to pull the kitten out in about five seconds before the traffic light turned green.” Anwar, residing in Tourist Club Area in Abu Dhabi and employed by Talabat, noted that although he doesn’t have a pet, he adores animals. He also emphasized his clean record as a rider. “I have never incurred any traffic violations.” Heroic acts by UAE delivery riders are not uncommon. Earlier this year, three riders became heroes when they soothed a frightened horse that had bolted through the streets of Dubai. The distressed horse was seen galloping across Umm Suqeim Street, but the riders successfully caught it by the cheekpiece of its bridle and led it to safety. In July 2022, several delivery riders also rescued a kitten trapped inside the engine of a parked car, an incident also captured on video and widely shared.